Quality Policy

Global Energy Server is commited to satisfy the customers by supplying the quality products as per customers satisfaction at reasonable price and will continuously improve the effectiveness of quality improvement system.

Global is the name known for reliability and continuous improvement in the field of L.T./HT Rolling Contact Servo Controlled Automatic Voltage Controller (Stabilizer), Electroplating and chemical process Rectifiers, 11/33KV Distribution Transformers, Ultra Isolation & other special purpose Transformers. The system are designed and manufactured by a team of qualified and experienced engineers under one roof to provide better quality and get 100% satisfaction of customers. Voltage fluctuation is common phenomenon in every part of the country. Inspite of best efforts, none of the electricity boards can ensure constant voltage to the customers because of long and inadequate distribution lines and irregular load pattern on distribution transformers. Generally voltage is low during day time and high during night hours. Moreover on holidays, peak hours, rainy days and when agricultural, Industrial load is switched off, the voltage rises sharply which is more dangerous. Automatic Voltage Controller (Stabilier) is an equipment to obtain constantvoltage from fluctuating supply system.

Advantages of Automatic Voltage Controller (Stabilizer)

Reduction in Breakdown of Electrical Equipments.
Energy/Power Saving (Reduction in Electricity Bill).
Uniform Quality of end product.
Better efficiency in plant.
Improvement in Power Factor (Only in case of High Voltage).
Reduction in Maximum Demand.
80% Depreciation as per Income Tax Act

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